Welcome! Bienvenida! 欢迎!वेलकम ! welkom!

The general goal of our research is to understand enzymatic transformations that are of environmental or pharmaceutical importance. We utilize both synthetic organic chemistry and molecular biology techniques to reach this goal, and have two current project areas in our laboratory: lantibiotics and phosphonate antibiotics.


  • 2018/12/10 Congratulations to Dr. Zhengan Zhang for earning his PhD.
  • 2018/11/28 Congratulations to Dr. Kwo-Kwang ‘Abraham’ Wang for earning his PhD and taking a postdoc position at MIT (2019).
  • 2018/10/18  Congratulations to Page Daniels for passing her preliminary exam.
  • 2018/10/1 Alumnus Dr. Yi Yu accepted a position as a research scientist at Beam Therapeutics.
  • 2018/10 Congratulations to Nick Lai for receiving a Biochemistry Graduate Student Travel Grant to present a poster  titled “Non-canonical glutathionylation enzymes in mammalian systems” at the 26th  Enzyme Mechanisms Conference.

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