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Welcome! Bienvenida! 欢迎!वेलकम ! welkom!

The general goal of our research is to understand enzymatic transformations that are of environmental or pharmaceutical importance. We utilize both synthetic organic chemistry and molecular biology techniques to reach this goal, and have two current project areas in our laboratory: lantibiotics and phosphonate antibiotics.


  • 2018/03/20 New paper in J Am Chem Soc.: congratulations to Dr. Lindsay Repka and Kenton Hetrick.
  • 2018/03/12 New report on our unique cyclic compound library  on ILLINOIS news.
  • 2018/04/14 New paper in Nat Chem Biol.: congratulations to Dr. Xiao Yang and Chang He.
  • 2018 Congratulations on our alumni, Dr. Spencer Peck for taking a job at Kintai Therapeutics (2018).

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